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Head Hunter

We Find Them… You Sign Them


We message 50-100 people a day for you via social media platforms to help fill your pipeline.

 Custom message intelligence that automates the messages and responses from your pipline


We Set up 15 min interviews with potential candidates to help save you time with a big influx of new hires.

Let us know what your desired message is and we will do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t waste your time talking to people that don’t fit your culture


We through our automated calendar feature we schedule directly to your calendar recruiting appointments.

Let us know when your available for calls and we fill your calendar with calls or even in person meetings. 

Recruiting Online Courses

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The Perfect Recruiting CRM


Keep all your potential new hires in ONE place. Organize them according to status

Stop letting recruits fall through the cracks because you don’t have a way to stay organized. Start tracking, so you can recruit at a high level. 

Manage Recruiters

You keep score on sales, Keep score on Recruits.

Have an eye into how your recruiters are doing, and how often they are recruiting. Motivate each other through our leaderboards to be more accountable in recruiting.  


Recruit profiles help you quickly see information for each potential new hire and hire. 

Your notes and conversations all in one place. Keep track of how often you are contacting hires, and set reminders for follow ups. Give reps a status and keep track on how and who is contacting them. 

Onboard Checklist

Signing someone is the beginning, getting them ramped up and trained is a TRUE recruit. 

Create your own checklists to show progress of your new hires. Manage your own company system you want new hires to follow to have the best success right away. Help better predict your company success based on reps progress. 


– Schedule Interviews

– Follow Up

– Invite to Events

– Remind



Detailed Feature Comparison CRM HH HH+
Easy Booking X X X
Seamless self scheduling for recruits
Custom recruiting pipeline X X X
Configure your pipeline to support your recruiting process
Customized profiles X X X
Organize recruits by skill and areas
Automated messaging X X X
Send customized messages with one click
Recruiting training videos X X X
Quickly turn your job postings live and tailor as needed
Automated prospecting X X
50 messages a day to potential recruits
Multi-domain support X X
Share one CRM across multiple users
Message Management X
We respond to messages from potential recruits
15 minute pre-screen interviews X
Get qualified recruits who fit your culture
Pipeline management X
We add qualified leads to your CRM

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