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A recruiting CRM for all sales teams. Easily manage your candidates through your pipeline. Hold accountability for your team. Visible stats, leaderboards and more!

Candidate Management & Organization Platform

Everything you need in one platform!

How We Help You

Candidate Management

Add in candidates and track them throughout the pipeline and eliminate losing great candidates from letting them fall into the cracks.


Manage your recruits pipeline and activity.

Recruiting Recognition

Stats, leaderboards, incentives and tracking to inspire people to recruit.



Customize your dashboard, pipeline, stats, table view, calendar, minimize, expand, and much more!

Recruit Faster, Recruit Smarter

Recruit to get you 100 jobs is more valuable than 1 customer. Invest in Recruiting more than selling. It equals bigger return. Recruit-O-Matic has everything you need to recruit smarter and much faster.

Visible Candidate Pipeline  

Find your candidates easily and see where they’re at in the process. Customize your pipeline to your liking. Ability to turn on/off table view. And much more!  


Recruiting Recognition

  • Stats
  • Leaderboard
  • Team rankings
  • Inspires people to recruit

Recruiting Degrees  

D2D Experts (Founder of Recruit-O-Matic) offers two types of recruiting degrees, Recruiting Associates Degree and Recruiting Bachelors Degree. You’ll learn from the best recruiters and top notch education to become an expert recruiter.


Join Hundreds Of Users

ROM is extremely user friendly and a great platform to manage all your recruiting needs. I highly recommend it.

Mike Dubois

Senior Recruiter

Recruit-O-Matic is the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. The majority of applicant tracking systems have bells and whistles that are just that – bells and whistles. Recruit-O-Matic has all the features and tools that are ACTUALLY needed to run an effective recruiting organization; without charging for tools that won’t end up used anyway.

Cam Nieves

Senior Recruiter

We have been using Recruit-O-Matic with great success. It is a simple tool to use in tracking your candidates throughout the entire recruiting process to hire. Highly recommended it to everyone.

Jason Whetman

Senior Recruiter

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